For years, Founders Tatiana Ponce and Siya Olivia had a habit of giving and showing love. They truly believe support costs nothing. In 2019, they had the idea to throw a surprise party for their favorite people. When the guest list turned from 30 to 300, they said let's make it a full on event and thus, the Mad Love Tour was born!


Mad Love Tour is an annual weekend experience where culture, creatives, and community meet. We are the people connectors providing resources and support to budding brand builders, entrepreneurs, influencers, and everything in between. Our mission is to cultivate spaces for creatives in search of community and support.


Each year 250+ guests are hand-picked by the Mad Love team and mailed personal invitations. Guests meet us in our host city and enjoy three days of meet-and-greets, team-building activities, panel discussions, and more, culminating with a farewell brunch and Love Cypher where we set our intentions for the rest of the year.